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What does it mean to “LIVE”?

To me, "to live" is "to be happy, find joy, taste something good and love ... Life is made of wavelengths of excitement and adventure, and what is more living yourself than LIGHT and LOVE."

So, I appreciate and express my feelings, I spell out the moments I want to to be grateful for and remember. This is the place, where I like to share with you my experiences and thoughts about the things I am encountering in life It can be anything, from the trivial to the profound, about people or about nature, maybe reflecting on a current topic or pondering a timeless thought … Hope that my blog: “Michi - Unknown World” will bring you some joy!

In any case, I hope you find my writing enjoyable and worth while your time. Please note since the Blog entries will only be available in one language, there is the option to gave the complete page being translated by 'Google' into your desired language.

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