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Welcome to my food page

Eating is fun, and I would like to share some

We are what we eat. What makes me happy living in a country surrounded by the sea? Japan has good rice and good fish. We are blessed with food from the Ocean and the Mountains.

I grew up bringing my mom’s handmade Bento (lunch box) to school, eating Osaka’s soul food: Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki. Having lived outside of Japan for a decade, I also embraced a wide variety of foreign food. However, after coming back to Japan, for matters of convenience, I like many others used to fall back to living on processed food packages from stores .

Yet I started again appreciating hand/ home made dishes in the past years. 'Food bites' from home, from local places, and from foreign parts of the world - a diverse variety of food memories, all is part of my life, so allow me to share to make it also part of your life.

Let us eat well and live well - it can be both fun and healthy!

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Kombucha - Superdrink

We often don't realize the importance of health until we are losing it - but health is something you can't just buy again with money. How much better, if we could maintain our health on a daily basis.

Let's find out more about a 'Superdrink,' which can do just that. Today we're talking about "Kombucha," a fermented tea.

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